Audit Committee

In compliance of Section 177 of the Companies Act, 2013, the details of composition of Audit Committee are as follows:

  1. Smt. Nishi Sabharwal
  2. Sh. Rudra Sen Sindhu
  3. Sh. Ajay Singh

The Company Secretary is acting as the Secretary to the Audit Committee.

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Members of the remuneration committee are:

  1. Smt. Nishi Sabharwal
  2. Sh. Rudra Sen Sindhu
  3. Smt. Usha Sindhu
  4. Sh. Ajay Singh

Remuneration Committee reviews the overall Compensation Policy, Service Agreements and other employment conditions of Managing/Executive Directors and senior executives just below the Board of Directors; deciding on the overall compensation policy for Non-Executive Directors and Independent Directors; deciding on the increments in the remuneration of the Directors etc.

CSR Committee

In line with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder, a CSR Committee has been formed by the Board of Directors.

The constitution of the CSR Committee is given hereunder:

  1. Sh. Rudra Sen Sindhu
  2. Sh. Vir Sen Sindhu
  3. Sh. Ajay Singh

Sh. Rudra Sen Sindhu is the Chairman of the CSR Committee.

Approximately 70% of our employees live in the regions where our operations are located. We employ women in non-labour intensive positions and have a zero tolerance policy toward child labour.

Our Company has funded the setting up of an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) at Korba, Chhattisgarh for imparting technical training. We also plan to open another ITI in Chhattisgarh for training local youth.

We continue to focus on the development of communities that are affected by our projects through our corporate social responsibility initiatives, including the provision of employment and cash compensation for land acquisition.


Notice of Resignation

We have received a notice of resignation from one of our directors. The notice is available below:

Download Notice of Resignation

Annual Returns

The annual returns for the current financial year are now available for download:

Download Annual Returns


ACBIL - Vigil Mechanism Policy


POSH Policy

Remuneration Policy

Risk Management Policy

Terms of Appointment of Independent Directors